Amazon Comprehend Medical

Extract information from unstructured medical text accurately and quickly


Extract medical information from unstructured medical text like doctors’ notes, clinical trial reports, or radiology reports
Identify relationships among extracted health information and link to medical ontologies like ICD-10-CM, RxNorm, and SNOMED CT
Automate and lower the cost of processing and coding unstructured medical text with easy to use APIs
Implement patient data privacy solutions and identify protected health information (PHI) with a HIPAA–eligible service

How it works

Amazon Comprehend Medical is a HIPAA-eligible natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning that has been pre-trained to understand and extract health data from medical text, such as prescriptions, procedures, or diagnoses.

Use cases

Automate claim capture, validation, and approval workflows for healthcare insurance companies to accelerate and simplify claim processing.

Analyze unstructured population health data to improve health outcomes, like identifying gaps in care and improving hospital efficiency.

Rapidly identify adverse effects of pharmaceutical products to improve drug safety and meet regulatory requirements.

Select the right group of patients for clinical trials to enable faster, more accurate patient trial selection and lower costs.

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