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Fast track decision-making for cloud migration with a customized assessment to reduce costs by up to 50%.

Discover over-provisioned on-premises instances and get recommendations for cost-effective AWS alternatives.

Gain expertise from our dedicated team of migration experts to build a data-driven business case for migration to AWS.

Efficiently plan your migration by identifying existing licenses and running cost comparisons of Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and License Included (LI) options.

How it works

Migration Evaluator provides the insights you need to build a data-driven business case for migration to AWS, helping define next steps in your migration journey.

Diagram shows how Agentless Collector is used to gather on-premises data and Quick Insights reports to estimate migration cost and savings on AWS.
Fast track your business case for AWS with Migration Evaluator (1:43)
Migration Evaluator removes the guesswork
With Migration Evaluator, your organization gets access to AWS expertise, visibility into multiple cost-effective cloud migration scenarios, and insights on reusing existing software licensing to further reduce costs.

Use cases

Advance your migration plan from any stage

Install a complementary Agentless Collector to conduct broad-based discovery, or securely upload exports if you have existing inventory.

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Build a roadmap to AWS

Take a snapshot of your current on-premises footprint to fine-tune licensing, view server dependencies, and gain visibility into multiple migration scenarios.

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Estimate and reduce your cloud costs

Analyze your current state, define your target state, and develop a migration readiness plan with projected cloud costs to reach your financial business objectives faster.

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