How do I set a monthly spending limit alarm for SMS messages in Amazon SNS?

Last updated: 2019-12-19

I want to be notified when my AWS account is close to the monthly spending limit for Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) text messaging. How do I set that up?

Short Description

When you reach the default text message (SMS message) monthly spending limit of 1.00 USD, Amazon SNS stops sending SMS messages. Create an Amazon CloudWatch alarm to notify you before your spending reaches the monthly limit.

Note: If your business use case requires a higher monthly spending limit for SMS messaging, you can request a spending limit increase.


Subscribe to an Amazon SNS topic

  1. If you haven't already, create an SNS topic.
  2. Subscribe to the SNS topic that you want to monitor spending for. For Protocol, choose Email or SMS. Then for Endpoint, enter your email address or mobile number.
    Note: If you choose Email, you must confirm the subscription before you can get notifications. In your email, find the subscription confirmation message and choose the confirmation link.

Set a CloudWatch alarm

Create an SMS spending alarm in CloudWatch by monitoring the SMSMonthToDateSpentUSD metric. For more information, see Amazon SNS Metrics and Set CloudWatch Alarms for Amazon SNS Metrics.

Note: Account spending limits are enforced per AWS Region. If you use Amazon SNS for SMS messaging in multiple Regions, create an alarm for each Region where you want to be notified of your spending.

(Optional) Check your current spending

To see if you're already close to the SMS spending limit for the current month, view your SMS spending metrics in CloudWatch.