AWS Educate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Membership to AWS Educate is open to students, and U.S. veterans, transitioning military, and their spouses. If you are a student aged 14 or older currently enrolled in high school, community college, technical institution, or university, AWS Educate is a great fit for you.* AWS customers and partners can tap into this community of cloud-skilled job candidates free of charge.

  • Getting started with AWS Educate is easy. Students ages 18+ can complete our application and apply today. For fast approval into the program, sign up using the email address provided by your educational institution.

    For students who cannot register using their .edu email address, they can apply with their personal email address. However, their application may take a little longer and they will need to provide proof of student status.

    Employers must be AWS Partners or customers and can complete the application online. Employers are then reviewed and approved by the AWS Educate team and notified via email.

  • Yes! If you’re new to cloud computing, first take the Cloud 101 Pathway. Cloud 101 offers a crash course on the cloud, its history, solutions, and why companies across the globe are looking for employees with cloud expertise. Looking for more “getting started” options? Check out the Cloud Literacy Badge to get introduced to the cloud through interactive challenges.

  • All AWS Educate members 18 and older can review and apply for full time jobs and internships from around the world through the AWS Educate Job Board. The Job Board is designed specifically to host early-career cloud jobs aligned to the skills Educate members gain through the AWS Educate Cloud Degree program and AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathways.

    Employers can post an unlimited number of jobs that match the skills and abilities of AWS Educate member students. This can be done either individually, or, if approved, through a no-cost, automatic scraping service provided by AWS.

  • Absolutely! Participation in AWS Educate is available to students around the globe. Please direct interested contacts to registration and to the instructions above.

  • The best way to make employers aware of your skills is to ensure you have a fully completed student profile, including a resume (CV), project examples, and links to activities and experiences relevant to the cloud job you are seeking.

    Employers can set job alerts—much like students can—that notify them when a student meets the hiring criteria they have set for a role. A student must opt into making their profile shareable for them to be identified by potential employers.

Get started with AWS Educate today

Getting started with AWS Educate is simple. Register for your account today and take advantage of all that AWS Educate has to offer!

*The ability for employers to message students within AWS Educate and the AWS Educate Interview Accelerator are currently only available in the United States. AWS makes no recommendations regarding specific job listings or hiring companies. In addition, AWS assumes no responsibility for (i) the contents, accuracy, or completeness of any job listing, (ii) the availability or unavailability of any jobs referenced in job listings, or (iii) any communications between hiring companies and AWS Educate members that may result from job listings. Use of the AWS Educate Job Board features is subject to the AWS Educate Terms & Conditions.

AWS Educate provides its members with no cost access to learning content and AWS services designed to build knowledge and skills in cloud computing. It is available globally to students who are 14 or older, with the exceptions of China, Switzerland, and European Economic Area countries (16 or older); and Algeria, Lebanon, and Portugal (18 or older). The AWS Educate Terms & Conditions govern participation in the AWS Educate Program. Use of AWS Promotional Credits are subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.