How do I join the AWS Educate program?

Last updated: 2020-12-24

I’m a representative of an educational institution, or an educator or a student associated with an educational institution. I’m interested in using AWS for educational purposes. Are there any AWS programs designed to support me?


The AWS Educate program offers training, classroom resources, and AWS credit to all AWS-approved accredited educational institutions, educators, and students. With the AWS Educate program, members get access to programs that help them train for careers in cloud computing. For more information about the benefits that AWS Educate can provide, see AWS Educate.


If you are a representative of an educational institution, you can apply to become an AWS Educate member institution. Your students and staff receive additional benefits, including AWS Promotional Credits.

If your institution is a member of the AWS Educate program, you can apply to be a part of the program at Apply for AWS Educate.


If you are an educator at an accredited educational institution, you can apply for the program at Apply for AWS Educate.


If you are a student, you can sign up for AWS Educate through an invitation from your educator. Educators can send invitations through either AWS Educate Classrooms or their school's Learning Management System (LMS) after integrating their LMS with AWS Educate. In addition to the benefits offered by AWS educate, students signing up through an invitation receive access to an Educate starter account.

If your educator isn't a member of AWS Educate and can't invite you to join the program, you're still eligible to join AWS Educate. You can apply at Apply for AWS Educate. If you are approved for the program, you receive access to benefits, such as Cloud Career Pathways, Badges, and AWS Educate Job Board.

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