What information should I give AWS Support for diagnosing CloudFront web distribution latency issues?

Last updated: 2019-05-10

I opened a technical support case with AWS Support to troubleshoot latency issues with my Amazon CloudFront web distribution. What information do I need to provide AWS Support?

Important: You must have a Developer, Business, or Enterprise Support plan to open a technical support case.


Prepare the following information:

1.    Get the Amazon CloudFront request IDs for the requests with latency issues. You can get the request IDs in one of these ways:

2.    Measure how long it takes to download the object from CloudFront and how long it takes to download the object directly from the origin. Then, get the time difference between the two download methods.

3.    Measure any latency from your DNS resolver. If you're using Amazon Route 53 as your DNS service, you can use the DNS checking tool in the Route 53 console.

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