Can I pay my AWS bill in a currency other than US dollars (USD)?

Last updated: 2021-02-09

I want to pay my AWS bill in a currency other than US dollars (USD). Is that an option, and if so, what currencies are currently supported?


Your seller of record information might impact your available local currencies.

By default, all AWS customers are billed in US dollars. You can choose to be billed in a non-USD currency by following the instructions at Changing which currency you use to pay your bill. For information on currencies currently supported by AWS, see What currencies does AWS currently support?

Amazon Internet Services Pvt. Ltd (AISPL) customers are billed in Indian rupees by default. For more information, see Managing an account in India.

For information on payment currencies supported by AWS Europe, see What payment currencies and payment methods are supported by AWS Europe?

When you change your local currency, the new prices are reflected in your Billing and Cost Management console immediately.

At the end of the month, your finalized monthly bill is generated in the local currency you chose. The exchange rate applied to your invoice is the rate in effect at the time that your invoice is created. You can change your local currency at any time, but after an invoice is finalized, the invoice must be paid in that currency.

You can pay invoices in non-USD currencies only by using Visa or MasterCard. All other cards are charged only in USD. If you choose a payment currency that the issuing institution of your card doesn't support, you might be charged foreign currency conversion charges or fees. Currency conversion is provided by Amazon Services LLC.

Preferred currency isn't available for third-party charges, such as those from the AWS Marketplace or DevPay.

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