How can I grant access to Cost Explorer for an IAM user with a member account of an AWS Organizations?

Last updated: 2021-08-12

I want to allow an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user belonging to an AWS Organizations member account access to Cost Explorer.


Follow these instructions to allow IAM users for an Organizations member account to access Cost Explorer.

1.    Using the Organizations management account enable Cost Explorer access for all your organization accounts by following the instructions for Controlling member accounts access using Cost Explorer preferences.

Note: You can't grant access to individual member accounts. All member accounts in your organization are granted access. Member account owners can't view Cost Explorer information for other accounts in your organization.

2.    Follow the instructions for Activating access to the Billing and Cost Management console.

Note: Only the root user of an account can access the Billing and Cost Management console until this step is completed.

3.    Attach an IAM policy to the IAM user to allow access to Cost Explorer information. For example policies, see Billing and Cost Management policy examples.