I have some suggestions that could help improve an AWS product or service. How can I send feedback to AWS?

To submit feedback on an AWS console

Choose Feedback in the bottom-left corner for the console, and then provide your feedback about that AWS console.

To submit feedback on AWS documentation

Choose the Feedback button on the bottom-right of the AWS documentation page.

To submit feedback on AWS services

Use the AWS Discussion Forums to submit feedback about AWS services. You can also ask other AWS users about how they use AWS.

To submit feedback on an AWS Knowledge Center article

At the bottom of every AWS Knowledge Center article, next to Did this page help you?, choose either Yes or No. After submitting your vote, you will have the option to enter more detailed feedback.

Other feedback

If you have other feedback about AWS, contact AWS Support.

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Published: 2017-09-25

Updated: 2019-01-08