How do I troubleshoot an Amazon SES configuration set that isn't working?

Last updated: 2020-04-23

I created an Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) configuration set, but the rules that I set aren't working. How can I troubleshoot this?


For a configuration set to apply to emails that you want to monitor, you must pass the name of the configuration set in the following email header:

X-SES-CONFIGURATION-SET: example_configuration_set_name

To troubleshoot configuration sets that aren't working, verify that the configuration set is passed in the headers of the relevant emails. For more information on passing the configuration set as a header when using different methods for sending emails, see Specifying a Configuration Set When You Send Email.

If you're having issues with using an Amazon SES configuration set to publish metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, verify that the value source is configured correctly:

  • Message Tag: The message tag is a key-value pair that contains the dimension name CloudWatch uses to pull events. For CloudWatch to detect the events, the tags must be specified as an email header using the X-SES-MESSAGE-TAGS header.
  • Email Header: With this value source, Amazon SES retrieves the dimension name and values from the email headers. However, you can't use these email headers as the dimension names: Received, To, From, DKIM-Signature, CC, message-id, or Return-Path.
  • Link Tag: Link tags are key-value pairs used for publishing click events to CloudWatch for an email campaign that has a single embedded link or multiple embedded links. Be sure to verify that the link tag is configured correctly both in the embedded links and in the configuration set.

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