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Data warehousing is a critical component for analyzing and extracting actionable insights from your data. Amazon Redshift allows you to deploy a scalable data warehouse in a matter minutes and start to analyze your data right away using your existing business intelligence tools. It’s a fast, fully-managed, and cost-effective data warehousing system.

In this project, you will create and configure an Amazon Redshift data warehouse, load sample data, and analyze it using a SQL client.

What you'll accomplish:

Create an Amazon Redshift cluster from the AWS Management Console.

Configure the cluster by choosing the instance type and specifying the number of nodes.

Secure your cluster using AWS IAM and set it up for access.

Load sample data to your cluster from Amazon S3 after defining a schema and creating the tables.

Set up SQL Workbench/J to access your data in the Amazon Redshift cluster using the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver.

Analyze the data with standard SQL from SQL Workbench/J.

What you'll need before starting:

An AWS Account: You will need an AWS account to begin provisioning resources to host your website. Sign up for AWS.

IT Skill level: You will need a basic understanding of web technologies and familiarity with SQL to successfully complete this project.

AWS Experience: No prior experience with AWS is required to successfully complete this project.

Billing Estimates:

Cost to complete project: The estimated cost to complete this project is $0.00. This cost assumes that you are within the AWS Free Tier limits, you follow the recommended configurations, and that you terminate all resources within 1 hour of completing the project. Your use case may require different configurations that can impact your bill. Use the Simple Monthly Calculator to estimate costs tailored for your needs.

Monthly billing estimate: The total cost of building an Amazon Redshift data warehouse will vary depending on your usage and configuration settings. Using the default configuration recommended in this guide, it will typically cost $0.00/month if you are within the AWS Free Tier limits and $183.04/month if you are outside the limits. To see a breakdown of the services used and their associated costs, see Services Used and Costs.

Get Started with the Project

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