Additional Policies

About Taxes

AWS Marketplace does not calculate or collect taxes on your behalf. You are responsible for calculating, collecting, and paying all sales tax or other taxes related to the sales of your products listed on AWS Marketplace.

About Refunds

All sellers of AMI products in AWS Marketplace must submit their refund policies for posting on the product Details page. We expect sellers to comply with their posted policies when AWS Marketplace users request refunds.

Monthly subscriptions are pro-rated based on the date the user subscribes and the date they cancel.  If a user signs up on 3/1, they will be charged the full rate for March and the full rate for all subsequent months they are subscribed to the software.  If the user signs up on 3/15, they will be charged half the monthly fee for March (and then the full monthly fee for April, May and so on).

Marketing Content within an AMI

AMI content can contain references to other products provided by the Seller if that product is sold on AWS Marketplace.

Removing Your Listings

AMI and SaaS Listings can be removed at any time.  For AMI products, the Additional Terms and Conditions for AWS Marketplace contain the requirements for continuing support for these removed products.

Style Guidelines

AWS Marketplace will make revisions to the product descriptions provided solely for quality assurance and error correction.