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How do I change billing information on the PDF version of the AWS invoice I receive by email?

Your PDF invoice doesn't use the contact information you provide on the My Account page of your Billing and Cost Management console, so updating your account's contact information does not change the information on your PDF invoice.

Instead, PDF invoices use the billing address that is associated with your default payment method. To change the information on the PDF version of your monthly invoice, update the information associated with your payment method.

Note: AWS is required to collect sales tax in certain jurisdictions. The address associated with your payment method is used to compute the sales tax.

To update the information displayed on your PDF invoice, complete these steps:

  1. Open the Payment Methods page.
  2. Choose Edit next to the payment method that is designated as Current Default.
  3. Update the information for your current payment method.
    Note: The name on the billing address is what appears in the BILL TO ATTN: section of the invoice.
  4. Choose Update to save your changes.

If you need a updated PDF invoice for a particular billing period, update the information associated with your payment method and then open a case with AWS Support.

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Published: 2015-04-20

Updated: 2017-04-11