To get started

1. Set up your Alexa for Business account in the Alexa for Business console
2. Purchase the devices you plan to use in your organization
3. Follow the steps in the in Admin Guide to set up shared devices and enroll users

Setup Echo devices

To set up your shared devices to work with Alexa for Business, see Prepare Your Devices in the Alexa for Business documentation. The instructions that came with your devices will not connect them to your Alexa for Business account.

You can use the Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot as shared devices with Alexa for Business. Your enrolled users can use any Echo device that is associated with their personal Alexa account. To learn more about Echo devices, view Echo & Alexa – Amazon Devices

Echo Plus and Echo

Small conference rooms without integrated AV equipment where Echo will act as the primary speaker device. Join and participate in meetings. Registered to Alexa for Business account.

Echo Dot

Large conference rooms with integrated AV equipment that Alexa will control. Use Alexa to start meetings and control equipment. Registered to Alexa for Business account.

Echo Show

Individual offices, personal desks. Managed by enrolled users through their personal Alexa account. The Echo Show cannot be configured using the device setup tool, and cannot be used as a shared device.

Employee Productivity

To start using Alexa for Business with your personal Alexa devices without IT involvement, just say “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?”.

Alexa will send you a notification you to link your calendar and email. Select your provider and you’ll be ready to use Alexa for Business features on your personal Alexa device.

To learn more, visit the Amazon Alexa productivity features page here.

Things to try

Alexa for Business lets you use the same Alexa you already know. Here are a few things you can ask Alexa once you’ve configured your Alexa for Business account.

Alexa, what’s on my calendar?
Alexa, cancel my 2pm meeting.
Alexa, schedule a meeting with John.
Alexa, move my 2pm meeting.
Alexa, call John.
Alexa, start the meeting.
Alexa, add print documents to my to do list.
Alexa, set a reminder to print documents at 2:45pm.


Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that create engaging voice experiences for users. The Alexa Skills Kit makes it easy to build your own skills, and provides a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples. You can publish these skills in the Alexa Skills Store, or you can make them available privately to your Alexa for Business account. Alexa for Business provides additional APIs that let you add context to your private skills. 

Learn more about Alexa for Business FAQs

Visit the FAQs page
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