Report Amazon EC2 Abuse

If you are reporting suspected abuse of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), please fill the form below to get the best response time from EC2 abuse handling.

Please include all the information below. Amazon EC2 is a dynamic hosting environment and it is critical that you identify the IP address, exact time and time zone in order for us to locate the source of the abuse. Customers of Amazon EC2 may launch and terminate multiple instances over the course of a few hours which means that customers may occupy the same host at different times of the same day, so timestamps should indicate the time zone and be accurate to +/-1 minute.

Private Information

Forwarded (public) Information

If we are able to identify an EC2 customer causing the reported abuse, we will forward the information you give below to them. The email address you provided in the previous section will not be shared, but our customer can respond to you indirectly via email by using our response webform.

Enter a date, time, and timezone information corresponding to a moment the abuse was ongoing at all of the source IP(s) that you entered.

The host clock is synchronized by NTP

Report other AWS abuse

Please send reports of other suspected abuse of Amazon Web Services to, and be sure to include as many details as possible. Please note that we will not open attachments under any circumstance.


For information regarding serving a subpoena on Amazon Web Services, please contact

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