Nitesh shows you how to
attach an EBS volume to an
EC2 instance running Windows


I’m running out of disk space on my Amazon EC2 instance running Windows, or I want to attach a specific Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume to an EC2 instance running Windows. How do I attach an EBS volume to a running EC2 Windows instance, and how do I make the EBS volume available to Windows?

To attach an EBS volume to a running Windows EC2 instance, follow the instructions at Attaching an Amazon EBS Volume to an Instance.

After you attach the volume to your instance, access your instance through RDP and make the volume available using the Disk Management utility.

Note: When you attach a volume to an instance, a device mapping will be automatically chosen for you. For more information about device names, see Device Naming on Windows Instances.

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Published: 2016-08-31