Frank shows you how to
check the version number for
your RDS instance running Aurora


How do I check my Amazon Aurora RDS instance version number? 

Use the version number to cross-reference the database engine updates to see what features and enhancements are available for that particular Amazon Aurora version.

1.    Log in to your Aurora RDS instance using the client or the SQL Workbench client.

2.    Run a command similar to the following:

select @@aurora_version;

3.    After you have your Aurora version number, check the Amazon Aurora Database Engine Updates to see which features and improvements were released.

Note: Amazon Aurora releases updates regularly. Updates are cluster-wide and require a simultaneous restart of all the instances in the cluster, which can cause brief interruptions in connectivity. Under certain conditions, the zero downtime patch feature can prevent interruptions in connectivity on the writer instance. To plan for these restarts, view or change your maintenance window settings from the Amazon RDS console. For more information about changing your maintenance window, see Adjusting the Preferred DB Cluster Maintenance Window.

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Published: 2017-08-02