I want to create a backup or launch multiple copies of my Amazon EC2 instance, or I received a maintenance notification suggesting I create an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of my instance. What’s an AMI, and how do I create one?

Amazon Machine Images (AMI) are archival copies of instances that you can use to launch other instances. If you have an EBS-backed Amazon EC2 instance, you can create your own custom AMI to launch multiple copies of one instance, or you can use a custom AMI as a backup solution.

By default, when you create an AMI from an instance, snapshots are also taken of each Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume attached to the instance. This means that AMIs can launch with multiple EBS volumes attached, allowing you to replicate an instance's configuration and the state of all the EBS volumes attached to that instance.

If your instance is a Linux instance, follow the instructions at Creating an Amazon EBS-Backed Linux AMI. If your instance is a Windows instance, see Creating an Amazon EBS-Backed Windows AMI.

Note: To ensure data consistency, your instance will reboot during the AMI creation process.

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Published: 2016-09-02

Updated: 2017-10-26