How do I create and activate a new AWS account?

Last updated: 2021-11-17

I'm getting started with AWS. How do I create and activate a new AWS account?


Sign up using your email address

  1. Open the Amazon Web Services (AWS) home page.
  2. Choose Create an AWS Account.
    If you signed in to AWS recently, choose Sign in to the Console. If Create a new AWS account isn't visible, first choose Sign in to a different account, and then choose Create a new AWS account.
  3. Enter your email address, password, AWS account name, and then choose Continue. Be sure that you enter your account information correctly, especially your email address. If you enter your email address incorrectly, you can't access your account.

Tip: For Email address, use a corporate email distribution list (for example, or email box if your account is a professional AWS account. Avoid using an individual's corporate email address (for example, With this practice, your company can retain access to the AWS account even when an employee changes positions or leaves the company. The email address can be used to reset account credentials. Be sure that you protect access to these distribution lists. Don't use the root account for your everyday tasks. It's a best practice to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the root account to secure your AWS resources.

Tip: For AWS Account name, use an account naming standard so that the account name can be recognized in your invoice or Billing and Cost Management console dashboard. If it's a company account, consider using the naming standard of organization-purpose-environment (for example, AnyCompany-audit-prod). If it's a personal account, consider using the naming standard of first name-last name-purpose (for example, paulo-santos-testaccount). You can change the account name in your account settings after you sign up. For more information, see How do I change the name on my AWS account?

Add your contact information

  1. Select Business or Personal.
    Note: Personal accounts and business accounts have the same features and functions.
  2. Enter your company or personal information.
    Important: For business AWS accounts, it's a best practice to enter the company phone number rather than a personal cell phone. Configuring a root account with an individual email address or a personal phone number can make your account insecure.
  3. Read and accept the AWS Customer Agreement.
  4. Choose Continue.

You receive an email to confirm that your account is created. You can sign in to your new account using the email address and password you registered with. However, you can't use AWS services until you finish activating your account.

Add a payment method

On the Billing information page, enter the information about your payment method.

If you are signing up in India for an Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL) account, you must provide your CVV as part of the verification process. You might also have to enter a one-time password, depending on your bank. AISPL charges your payment method 2 Indian Rupees (INR), as part of the verification process. AISPL refunds the 2 INR after the verification is completed.

If you want to use a different billing address for your AWS billing information, choose Use a new address. Then choose Verify and Continue.

Important: You can't proceed with the sign-up process until you add a valid payment method.

Verify your phone number

  1. On the Confirm your identity page, select a contact method to receive a verification code.
  2. Select your phone number country or region code from the list.
  3. Enter a mobile phone number where you can be reached in the next few minutes.
  4. If presented with a CAPTCHA, enter the displayed code, and then submit.
  5. In a few moments, an automated system contacts you.
  6. Enter the PIN you receive, and then choose Continue.

Choose an AWS Support plan

On the Select a support plan page, choose one of the available Support plans. For a description of the available Support plans and their benefits, see Compare AWS Support plans.

Choose Complete sign up.

Wait for account activation

After you choose a Support plan, a confirmation page indicates that your account is being activated. Accounts are usually activated within a few minutes, but the process might take up to 24 hours.

You can sign in to your AWS account during this time. The AWS home page might display a Complete Sign Up button during this time, even if you've completed all the steps in the sign-up process.

When your account is fully activated, you receive a confirmation email. Check your email and spam folder for the confirmation email. After you receive this email, you have full access to all AWS services.

Troubleshooting delays in account activation

Account activation can sometimes be delayed. If the process takes more than 24 hours, check the following:

  • Finish the account activation process. You might have accidentally closed the window for the sign-up process before you've added all the necessary information. To finish the sign-up process, open the registration page. Then, choose Sign in to an existing AWS account, and sign in using the email address and password you chose for the account.
  • Check the information associated with your payment method. Check Payment Methods in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. Fix any errors in the information.
  • Contact your financial institution. Financial institutions occasionally reject authorization requests from AWS for various reasons. Contact your payment method's issuing institution and ask that they approve authorization requests from AWS.
    Note: AWS cancels the authorization request as soon as it's approved by your financial institution. You aren't charged for authorization requests from AWS. Authorization requests might still appear as a small charge (usually 1 USD) on statements from your financial institution.
  • Check your email for requests for additional information. Check your email and spam folder to see if AWS needs any information from you to complete the activation process.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Contact AWS Support. Contact AWS Support for help. Be sure to mention any troubleshooting steps that you already tried. Note: Don't provide sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, in any correspondence with AWS.

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