I received an email letting me know that my Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance was scheduled for maintenance. How can I best prepare for or mitigate any resulting downtime?

Occasionally, AWS performs maintenance on the hardware that underlies your EC2 instances. Maintenance doesn't necessarily mean you must significantly change your infrastructure—it's possible that you might only need to prepare for a few minutes of downtime.

You can view what type of maintenance is necessary and which instances are affected in the Events pane of the Amazon EC2 console.

Note: Because the EC2 console shows only one Region at a time, you might need to change the Region you're viewing to see all the events that affect your resources.

For information on instance maintenance, as well as strategies for scheduling or mitigating downtime related to maintenance, see Working with Instances Scheduled for Maintenance.

If your instance has been scheduled for retirement, see My Amazon EC2 instance is scheduled for retirement. What are my options?

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Published: 2016-06-13

Updates: 2018-09-27