How do I troubleshoot an Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) cluster that's in red status?

A red cluster status means that at least one primary shard and its replicas aren't allocated to a node. When any cluster is in red status, Amazon ES stops taking automatic snapshots of all red indexes. Common causes of a red cluster status include the following:

The easiest way to resolve a red cluster status is to delete the red indexes. You can also restore a snapshot, and then add more instances or Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) storage, or choose larger instance types.

Note: The cluster status that appears in the Monitoring tab of the Amazon ES console doesn't directly correlate to the observed performance or stability of the cluster. Instead, status correlates to the status of the least healthy index. In some cases, a cluster with a red status might appear to function well, except when making requests to degraded indexes.

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Published: 2016-10-07

Updated: 2018-12-07