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I signed in to my AWS account, but none of my resources are visible in the console. I know that these resources are still provisioned to my account—why can’t I see them?

There are a few different reasons this can happen:

You’ve accidentally signed in to a different account. If you have more than one AWS account, sign in to the other account(s) and check for your resources.

You’re looking for resources that are in a different AWS region. Most AWS resources are located in a specific geographical region, and the management console only displays one region at a time for those services. Make sure that you’re viewing the AWS region that your resources are in.

If you sign in as an IAM user, make sure that you have permissions to view those resources. Update the IAM policy you’re using to allow access to view those resources, or ask your account administrator (usually someone within your organization) to update your IAM policy for you.

The email address you’re using has two different accounts associated with it, and the accounts have different passwords. allows customers to use the same email address to create multiple accounts, each with its own password. Because AWS and share an account structure, if an email address has multiple accounts associated with it, each account can have its own related AWS account.

The easiest solution is to attempt to sign in to AWS using the same email address, but using a different password. For example, you might try passwords you’ve used in the past to sign in to your AWS or accounts, even if that’s not the current password. If you’re able to sign in to an account that has the resources you’re looking for on it, then you can use that password to sign in going forward, or update your password by following the instructions at Changing the AWS Account Root User Password.

If you can’t sign in to the account with resources on it, use the following steps to separate the two accounts:

  1. Sign in to the account you’re able to access.
  2. Follow the instructions at How do I change the email address associated with my AWS account? to change the email address associated with the account to another email address you have access to.
  3. Request a password reset email on the account you’re not able to access by using the Forgot your password? link on the AWS sign in page.
  4. Follow the instructions in the automated email you receive.

If you need help, or none of the above scenarios apply to you, contact AWS Support.

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Published: 2016-07-22