Nitesh shows you how to
launch a Windows EC2 instance
from a custom AMI


How do I launch an Amazon EC2 instance from a custom Amazon Machine Image (AMI)?

To launch a new EC2 instance from an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), do the following:

  1. Open the EC2 console.
    Note: Before getting started, make sure to select the AWS region you want to launch the instance in.
  2. From the left navigation bar, choose AMIs.
  3. Find the AMI you want to use to launch a new instance. To begin, open the menu next to the search bar and choose one of the following:
    If the AMI you’re using is one you created, select Owned by me.
    If the AMI you’re using is a public AMI, select Public images.
    If the AMI you’re using is a private image that someone else shared with you, select Private images.
    Note: The search bar automatically provides filtering options, as well as automatically matching AMI IDs.
  4. Select the AMI and choose Launch.
  5. The management console guides you through configuring your instance. When you’re ready to launch the instance, choose Review and Launch.
  6. Review your chosen settings. When you’re ready, choose Launch.

After launching the instance, you can view its status in the Instances pane of the EC2 console.

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Published: 2016-12-08