I signed up for an Amazon Lightsail plan, but I'm charged more than I expected. Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?

Here are a few ways this could happen:

  • You signed up for the Lightsail plan that comes with the one-month free trial, but the free trial expired.
  • You signed up for a more expensive Lightsail plan than you meant to.
  • You signed up for Lightsail without meaning to.
  • You exceeded your monthly data transfer limit.

For all these cases, because Lightsail is billed per hour, delete your Lightsail instance and any associated snapshots to stop charges from accruing.

Open the Lightsail console, and check each resource tab to see if you have any running resources. Running resources will be under the Instances, Databases, Networking, Storage, or Snapshots tabs.

If you don't need a particular resource, choose the menu icon (⋮) next to the resource name, and then choose Delete.

For snapshots, expand the list of snapshots, choose the menu icon (⋮) for each snapshot, and then choose Delete.

Note: Lightsail instance snapshots cost less per hour than running instances. Also, you can use snapshots to relaunch an identical instance later on. If you want to save your work, consider taking or keeping snapshots as a backup.

After you delete all your Lightsail resources, no more Lightsail charges accrue. If you have questions about your Lightsail bill, see the Lightsail pricing page or contact AWS Support.

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Published: 2017-04-26

Updated: 2019-01-14