How do I manage my AWS service quotas?

Last updated: 2020-06-01

How do I increase my service quotas, and how do I manage my service quotas as I scale up?


Increase your service quotas

AWS maintains service quotas (formerly called service limits) for each account to help guarantee the availability of AWS resources and prevent accidental provisioning of more resources than needed. Some service quotas are raised automatically over time as you use AWS. However, most AWS services require that you request quota increases manually.

You can use AWS Service Quotas console to view and request increases for most AWS quotas.

Important: Most service quotas are specific to an AWS Region. Select the AWS Region where you require the quota increase in.

For all other quota increase requests, create a case in the AWS Support console, and then choose Service Limit Increase.

Note: You aren't charged if your service quotas are increased. You're charged only if you launch or use AWS resources or services.

Monitor and proactively manage your service quotas

You can see your quota utilization in the AWS Service Quotas console. You can also create Amazon CloudWatch alarms for supported services. For more information, see Service Quotas and Amazon CloudWatch Alarms.

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