How do I troubleshoot the ResourceLimitExceeded error in Amazon SageMaker?

Last updated: 2022-11-16

I want to troubleshoot the ResourceLimitExceeded error in Amazon SageMaker.


When you create a SageMaker resource, such as a processing job, training job, endpoint, or Studio App, you might get the ResourceLimitExceeded error.


The account-level service limit 'ml.m5.xlarge for endpoint usage' is 0 Instances, with current utilization of 0 Instances and a request delta of 1 Instances. Please contact AWS support to request an increase for this limit.

This error usually occurs when you exceed the account level service quotas specified for your SageMaker resources.

To resolve this error, do the following:

  1. Open the Service Quotas console.
  2. From the Region selector on the navigation bar, select the Region where you are getting the error.
  3. In the navigation pane, choose AWS services.
  4. In the Search bar, enter Amazon SageMaker.
  5. Choose Amazon SageMaker.
  6. Select the quota that you want to increase. For the preceding example error message, select ml.m5.xlarge for endpoint usage.
  7. Choose Request quote increase.
  8. For Change quota value, enter the desired value.
  9. Choose Request.

Your request is sent to AWS Support. Based on your use case and current usage, your request might be approved, denied, or partially approved.

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