I want to unlock, move, or recover my Elastic IP address, or I received an error when trying to create or remove an Elastic IP addresses. How do I resolve these issues or request an Elastic IP address limit increase?

Elastic IP addresses are public IPv4 addresses that are reachable from the internet. You can associate an Elastic IP address with your instance to enable communication with the internet.

Unlocking, releasing, and recovering Elastic IP addresses

To unlock or release an Elastic IP address, see Releasing an Elastic IP Address. To recover a deleted Elastic IP address, see Recovering an Elastic IP Address. If your account supports EC2-Classic, you can Move an Elastic IP Address to another account.

Elastic IP address errors

If you receive an "InvalidAddress.NotFound" error, the Elastic IP address cannot be recovered. If you receive an "AddressLimitExceeded" error when launching a new EC2 instance or allocating an Elastic IP address, you have exceeded the default limit for Elastic IP addresses per region.

To request a limit increase, create a case with AWS Support and select the following:

  • For Regarding, choose Service Limit Increase.
  • For Limit Type, select VPC.
  • For Region, select your AWS Region.
  • For Limit, select VPC Elastic IP Address Limit.
  • For New limit value, type your desired limit.

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Published: 2017-12-18