I'm trying to create an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) peering connection between my VPC and a VPC that's associated with another AWS account. But when I do so, I get the error: The connection failed due to incorrect VPC-ID, Account ID, or overlapping CIDR range.

Review the following settings as you create your VPC peering connection with a VPC in another AWS account.

  1. Be sure to enter the correct AWS account ID for VPC (Accepter).
  2. Be sure to select the correct VPC ID for VPC (Accepter).
  3. Be sure that none of the primary CIDR blocks or secondary CIDR blocks for your selected VPC (Requester) and VPC (Accepter) overlap.
    Note: If your VPCs have overlapping CIDR blocks, you can’t create a VPC peering connection. You must delete and recreate one of the VPCs with a non-overlapping CIDR block.

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Published: 2015-05-29 

Updated: 2019-02-25