Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables automotive manufacturers and suppliers to build serverless IoT applications that gather, process, analyze, and act on connected vehicle data, without having to manage any infrastructure. This answer introduces an automated solution that helps customers implement secure vehicle connectivity to the AWS Cloud, and includes capabilities for local computing within vehicles, sophisticated event rules, and data processing and storage. For more details »

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides many services to help customers build IoT applications and backend services. But, it can be a challenge to test those applications without a large pool of connected devices. This answer introduces an automated solution that enables customers to create and simulate hundreds of virtual connected devices, without having to configure and manage physical devices.   For more details »

Monitoring IoT devices in real-time can provide valuable insight that can help you maintain the reliability, availability, and performance of your IoT devices. This insight can help you react quickly to changing conditions and emerging situations. This answer provides best practices for implementing a device-monitoring solution, as well as an overview of the Real-Time IoT Device Monitoring with Kinesis Data Analytics solution.   For more details »

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