The fastest growing, hottest startups build their businesses on Amazon Web Services. Accelerate your growth with pay-as-you-go, on-demand services.

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Spin up the storage, database and compute resources your app needs, without a big investment in cash, or time. Invest both back into building wonderful applications with pay-as-you-go, zero admin services.

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Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network that utilizes a worldwide network of edge locations, so your pages always load fast. Amazon CloudFront is easy to use and supports dynamic, static, streaming, and interactive content.

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AWS re:Invent MED 101: Introduction to Amazon CloudFront
AWS re: Invent STP 102 Ahead in the Clouds, Growing up on AWS

Launching is fast and simple with AWS, and your infrastructure will grow with your business. Add sophisticated monitoring, data analytics, content delivery, notifications or high delivery email services as and when you need them, and scale your storage and compute requirements as you go.

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Extend your runway by driving down your AWS infrastructure costs. Scale based on demand, consolidate usage across your accounts to reach lower payment tiers, reserve guaranteed capacity for a lower hourly rate and name your price for unused servers on the spot market.

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AWS re: Invent STP 204: Pinterest Talks Rapid, Cost Effective Scaling on Amazon Web Services

With AWS, global expansion doesn’t require a global workforce. Take advantage of multiple datacenters in multiple geographic regions to build applications which can reach customers across the world with low latency, localized infrastructure.

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Build with the tools you know. From HTML5 mobile apps, to Django-driven social networks, Amazon EC2 gives you the keys* to make the technology choices which best suit your business, and the flexibility to change your mind.

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Cloud Supercomputing from Amazon Web Services Powers Yelp

Use the data created by your application to focus the next iteration of development, to decide when to pivot, or identify the next opportunity for your team. Explore your data with powerful Hadoop analytics, combine structured and unstructured data or just process your logs more quickly.

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Build architectures from day one that will scale up automatically with your business. Follow in the footsteps of other massively scaled start-ups such as Animoto, Pinterest and Instagram.

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AWS re: Invent CPN 205: Zero to Millions of Requests

Amazon Web Services provides resources to help you build sophisticated web applications, from request to response. Get started today with a quick review of the architectural best practices for building highly available, scalable, low cost applications with the AWS cloud.

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Store and manage photos, videos, social data, location information and more, all while responding efficiently to viral takeoff, with mobile applications running on AWS. Take a deep dive into the AWS SDKs for iOS and Android.

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Drive your next feature iteration based on real data. Measure the impact of new features, deliver better recommendations, and get to know your customers, by using Hadoop on Amazon Elastic MapReduce to process your system and application log files.

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