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Video: DayTwo Is Using Data Analytics from the Gut Microbiome to Further Healthcare

DayTwo is a microbiome discovery platform working to find new links between the bacteria living in our bodies and different health conditions. “We wanted to take our analysis one step further and to dive into a higher resolution of the gut microbiome analytics,” explains Adi Lev, DayTwo’s Vice President of Research and Development. “This meant we needed to move from the bacteria-species level to the gene level.”

Because data infrastructure relies on a variety of data analytics tools and machine-learning capabilities, DayTwo turned to several of the AWS ecosystem services. Specifically, they are utilizing AWS Lake Formation and AWS Deep Learning Containers in order to analyze large outputs. They’re also relying on Amazon SageMaker to manage all of their machine-learning and AI capabilities.

“The AWS infrastructure offers different services—from pipeline orchestration to distributive computing to building machine-learning models—that can help us with building this pipeline end-to-end,” says Lev. “By being able to collate between features from our gut microbiome to different health conditions, we can actually find new links, new biomarkers, and make them the seed of what can become new drugs for drug discovery, early diagnostics, and other healthcare solutions.”

To learn more about DayTwo’s missions, check out their speech for re:Invent 2021.