Startup Stories: Notes from Founders

Startups are often defined by their journeys... How they got started... Where they are now... and where they’re going next...

Journals are visual records: places to capture ideas, make notes, or create memories... an analog view into the human story of a digital enterprise.

The result of combining the two is an eclectic, engaging and ultimately very personal way to tell a Startup Story, and the people behind them.



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Issue 4: The Challengers

It can be pretty daunting to pit your self against the big names, but these startup founders from Codemotion, Ryte, Bynder, Mapillary and Detectify haven’t let that stop them.

Whether they’re addressing stereotypes or acquiring their biggest competitor, these founders aren’t afraid to challenge the startups that came before them.





Issue 1: Pioneers


These tech vanguards not only paved the way for those who’ve since followed, they’ve also shown us what can be achieved if you have the vision, talent and tenacity to take an idea from concept to reality.

From humble beginnings, these leaders from TransferWise, Elaia Partners, Freigeist Capital, Pipedrive and Collibra have helped build pioneering global brands and taken their organizations to new heights.

Issue 2: Disruptors


These startup founders from Seedlegals, JUNIQE, Pixellot, Lunar Way and YEAY certainly aren't afraid to tackle the status quo.

From shaking up the art world to reinventing the way startups access funding, they're utilizing and creating new technology to disrupt the world as we know it.

Issue 3: Innovators


It’s been said that the best way to launch a business is to set out to solve a problem. In this issue you’ll meet people who’ve done just that - the dreamers, the thinkers, the innovators, the tinkerers, the ‘what if I try it this way’ers.

Whether they’re making food shopping more collaborative or corporate presentations less boring, these startups from Metail, Tinyclues, Powtoon, Satispay and Bring! all have innovation at their core.

Issue 5: Changemakers


These startup founders from Babylon Health, Immersive Labs, Firefly, Sendy and Aerobotics are bringing about social change and aren’t afraid to aim big.

Their ambitions include making healthcare affordable for every person on earth and helping to end global hunger. And if their drive, determination and sheer tenacity are anything to go by, they're on track to succeed.

Available: Nov 2018

Issue 4: The Challengers

Featured Startups


Issue 4: Meet the Challengers


Technophile Andy Bruckschloegl started his first business when he was just 12-years-old. After a few years of heady success, he was bankrupt by 17. But the entrepreneurial wunderkind didn’t let that minor setback stop him. He picked himself back up again, and in 2012, founded SEO software service Ryte.


Some dream of ruling the world, but Mapillary founder and chief executive Jan Erik Solem is on a mission to map it, using collaborative street-level imagery. This isn’t Jan Erik’s first venture. His debut startup, Polar Rose, a facial recognition software company, was bought by Apple in 2010.


Rickard Carlsson’s love of learning drew him to Swedish cyber-security firm Detectify back in 2014. Since its launch, Detectify has helped protect thousands of websites from cyber-attacks, including Trello, Pipedrive and Spotify.


Driven by a shared passion for tech, Rome-based Mara Marzocchi and Chiara Russo spun their friendship into a movement to connect IT specialists and encourage more people to pursue tech careers.


As with many successful startups, Bynder began as a solution to a problem. Chris Hall’s SaaS development agency Label A needed a better system for sending, receiving and organizing files, so Chris set about creating one. Bynder launched in 2013 and now serves more than 1300 companies worldwide.


Meet The Pioneers

  • Taavet Hinrikus - TransferWise
  • David Bessis - TINYCLUES
  • Timo Rein - Pipedrive
  • Alex Roch - Freigeist Capital
  • Felix Vande Mael - Collibra

Meet The Disruptors

  • Anthony Rose - Seedlegals
  • Lea Lange - JUNIQE
  • Gal Oz - Pixellot
  • Ken Villum Klausen - Lunar Way
  • Melanie Mohr - YEAY


Meet The Innovators

  • Tom Adeyoola - Metail
  • David Bessis - Tinyclues
  • Ilya Spitalnik - Powtoon
  • Alberto Dalmasso - Satispay
  • Marco Cerqui - Bring!


Meet The Changemakers

  • Ali Parsa - Babylon Health
  • James Hadley - Immersive Labs
  • Simon Hay - Firefly
  • Malaika Judd - Sendy
  • Benji Meltzer - Aerobotics