AWS EdStart: Meet our Members

AWS EdStart members provide solutions that are hosted on, or integrated with, AWS

AWS EdStart is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions in the AWS Cloud. Each of the following companies has been accepted into the AWS EdStart program and is scaling their solution with AWS.

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Hive Digital Minds



Smile And Learn

Firefly Learning

Quotes from AWS EdStart members

Vocareum | AWS EdStart Member

“AWS EdStart has been a tremendous benefit to Vocareum. Numerous valuable discussions with Amazon Solutions Architects have guided our system architecture and enabled us to scale; customer introductions within Amazon and external marketing opportunities have helped to refine and expand our business. Of course, the generous support through AWS Credits has been very welcome.”

- David Lin, VP, Business Development, Vocareum


Hanamaru Lab | AWS EdStart Member

“AWS EdStart has been an amazing experience for Wonder Lab. It is very helpful for us to be supported by the talented AWS experts while creating and continuously improving Think! Think!, our educational app. Opportunities to speak at AWS events and connections with other EdTech companies, investors, and partners enable us to gain the valuable insights and relationships needed to scale globally. The financial support resources allowed us to focus on our core capabilities. Needless to say, AWS EdStart was incredibly helpful.”

-Kei Kawashima, CEO, Wonder Lab

Legends of Learning | AWS EdStart Member

"AWS EdStart has given us access to resources, tutorials, and discounted AWS services, which have allowed us to be more efficient, invest in scaling our core business, and deliver better value for our end users. I'd strongly recommend the program to any entrepreneur in the education technology space.”

- Joshua Goldberg, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Legends of Learning

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