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AWS EdStart Members and Collaborators provide solutions that are hosted on, or integrated with, AWS

Meet Our Members

Meet the companies who have been accepted into AWS EdStart and are building and scaling their solution with AWS. 

Meet Our Collaborators

Education-focused organizations provide specialized solutions and support for AWS EdStart Members and AWS EdStart Innovators.

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AWS EdStart brings together education-focused experts to provide knowledge, inspiration, and best practices in a new video series.

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Get to know select EdTech founders with a unique story to tell through their own words. Videos, case studies, and more.

AWS EdStart: Giving EdTech Startups a Head Start

Meet Our Members

AWS EdStart is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions in the AWS Cloud. Each of the following companies has been accepted into the AWS EdStart program and is scaling their solution with AWS.

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Hive Digital Minds



Smile And Learn

Firefly Learning

Quotes from AWS EdStart Members

AULA | AWS EdStart Member

Aula Education
London, England

“AWS EdStart has allowed us to explore other solutions that we could not explore or afford before.”

– Oliver Nicolini, CTO and Founder


Cambridge, MA, United States

“With the support of AWS EdStart, scaling our infrastructure became easy, and Paperpile’s infrastructure quickly grew from two to 40 servers. The webinars and events provided us with the necessary insights into the EdTech space, helping us to launch our second product BibGuru four months ahead of schedule."

– Stefan Washietl, Founder

Dentro de Historia

Dentro de Historia
São Paulo, Brazil

"Being part of AWS Edstart is of paramount importance for Dentro da História. The exchanges we have with technical teams help our team’s development as a whole and gives us insights into our ecosystem, which allows us to think about improving our users' experience even more."

– Felipe Paniago, Founder

Eckovation | AWS EdStart Member

New Delhi, India

“AWS EdStart has provided us valuable resources that have helped us scale to over one million learners in India.”

– Ritesh Singh, Co-Founder 

Enguru | AWS EdStart Member

Mumbai, India

“Joining the AWS EdStart program has given us access to experienced and extremely helpful AWS solutions architects who have helped us optimize our infrastructure and understand new tools we could use more effectively.”

– Arshan Vackil, Founder and CEO

Eskolare | AWS EdStart Member

São Paulo, Brazil

“Participating in AWS EdStart has been essential and very important for Eskolare. We can count on a technical team of specialists available to help us and also think about innovations for the business considering AWS cutting-edge technologies. Not to mention the connections with the educational market, events, networking with companies in the same sector.”

– Erick Moutinho, Founder

Firefly | AWS EdStart Member

Firefly Learning
London, England

“AWS EdStart is connecting us to a wider community of other EdTech businesses in similar spaces where we can exchange ideas and find opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.”

– Simon Hay, Co-Founder

Legends of Learning | AWS EdStart Member

Legends of Learning
Washington, D.C., United States

"AWS EdStart has given us access to resources, tutorials, and discounted AWS services, which have allowed us to be more efficient, invest in scaling our core business, and deliver better value for our end users. I'd strongly recommend the program to any entrepreneur in the education technology space.”

– Joshua Goldberg, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Open Durian | AWS EdStart Member

London, England

“AWS EdStart allowed us to scale globally and provide an excellent experience to more than 5.5 million students and thousands of teachers. Apart from its technical infrastructure and support, AWS EdStart has given us amazing business development and networking opportunities on a global scale. In short, they helped us increase our brand awareness, collaborate with global partners, and grow fast.”

– Resit Dogan, Co-Founder

Open Durian | AWS EdStart Member

Bangkok, Thailand

“Joining AWS EdStart tremendously helps in scaling and realizing our visions for OpenDurian. Simply having AWS Promotional Credit helps save burn rate and allows us to experiment with new features using AWS ML technologies such as Transcribe, Rekognition, and SageMaker. AWS EdStart is simply the best program to join if you are an EdTech Startup looking to scale.”

– Chula Pittayapinan, Co-Founder and CTO


São Paulo, Brazil 

"AWS EdStart has surprised us every day. The program's resources, team initiatives, and training give us tranquility, networking, and a rich exchange of experiences with architects and other startup programs. Being able to count on a company the size of AWS, with a robust, broad portfolio of solutions, helps entrepreneurs focus on the evolution of their business."

– Luiz Orlandini, CEO

Skill Up | AWS EdStart Member

Cape Town, South Africa

"Access to AWS Promotional Credit has allowed us to experiment and use various technologies that we wouldn’t have considered originally not worry about sizing resources to optimize for cost at this early stage. We can dedicate resources to solve problems vs. low-level optimization.”

– Federico Lorenzi, CTO and Founder

Solve Education | AWS EdStart Member

Solve Education
Singapore, Singapore

“We chose AWS to start building our product because of its strong technical offerings, and stayed on because of the AWS team! The APAC Education and AWS EdStart teams have been very supportive, and amazing to work with. Through AWS, we received opportunities to showcase what we do, which is always helpful for startups. The system architecture support was also helpful in how to build an efficient, scalable infrastructure.”

– Janine Teo, CEO and Founder

Square Panda | AWS EdStart Member

Square Panda
Beijing, China

"What a wonderful experience AWS EdStart gives us! The AWS EdStart team is passionate and knows what an EdTech startup needs. Their service is exquisite. Their networking and roadshow events not only provide us with valuable connections to potential investors but also great platform for business development.”

– May Barclay, General Manager

Vocareum | AWS EdStart Member

California, United States

“AWS EdStart has been a tremendous benefit to Vocareum. Numerous valuable discussions with AWS Solutions Architects have guided our system architecture and enabled us to scale; customer introductions within AWS and external marketing opportunities have helped to refine and expand our business. Of course, the generous support through AWS Promotional Credit has been very welcome.”

– David Lin, VP, Business Development

Wonder Lab | AWS EdStart Member

Tokyo, Japan

“AWS EdStart has been an amazing experience. It's helpful to be supported by talented AWS experts while creating and continuously improving Think! Think!, our educational app. Opportunities to speak at AWS events and connections with other EdTech companies, investors, and partners enable us to gain valuable insights and relationships needed to scale globally. The financial support allowed us to focus on core capabilities. Needless to say, AWS EdStart was incredibly helpful.”

– Kei Kawashima, CEO

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AWS EdStart, also known as the AWS educational technology startup accelerator, is an AWS program designed to help its participants grow their education technology businesses. AWS EdStart participants may have access to many benefits, such as AWS Promotional Credit, select marketing opportunities, global thought leadership, participation in live or virtual events, and access to the AWS EdStart web portal. The AWS EdStart web portal is a central online, self-service resource that includes an online directory of AWS EdStart participants, a community messaging forum, and a repository of content, technical, and business development trainings. The AWS EdStart Agreement, as may be updated from time to time, governs participation in AWS EdStart and use of the AWS EdStart web portal. AWS EdStart participants’ personal information, business contact information, and community forum messages may be accessed by AWS EdStart participants that use the AWS EdStart web portal. Please contact AWS EdStart by email or see the AWS EdStart Agreement for information about how AWS collects and uses personal information.

Organizations that wish to apply for participation in AWS EdStart must meet the application criteria described on the AWS EdStart Member application page or the AWS EdStart Innovators page. Government entities, including government-owned corporations and government-funded organizations, are not eligible to participate in AWS EdStart. Individual users of AWS EdStart must be from participant organizations and 18 years or older.