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Ecree, an AI-powered writing instructor, provides students with free access until May 31, 2020


AWS EdStart Member, Ecree, provides unlimited, real-time writing feedback giving students instant support to complete an assignment, improve a grade, or prepare for a big exam. Ecree is accessible day or night, quicker than a human editor, and uses artificial intelligence to provide real-time feedback, unlimited revisions, and spelling and grammar support.

Ecree’s automated assessment technology is a rules-based engine that mirrors the way a human expert grades papers and gives feedback. Ecree’s approach is transparent and text-driven, giving students the same quality feedback that they would get from a teacher. The only difference is that Ecree’s feedback is immediate and unlimited. Ecree puts a virtual writing instructor at the student’s fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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Congratulations to the winners of AWS EdStart Pitch Day – Paris!


The AWS EdStart team hosted a Pitch Day on March 3 in Paris, France. During the event, AWS EdStart Members from across Europe pitched to audiences of EdTech investors, customers, and media.

Congratulations to the following:

  • First place winner: Proctor Exam, based out of the Netherlands, is the largest European online proctoring company, featuring a unique platform that is fully customizable and adapts to all proctoring assessment requirements.
  • Second place winner: PitchBoy is an immersive training tool with intelligent conversation simulation using artificial intelligence (AI). Pitchboy is a Paris based company focused on voice-based training and skills evaluation in a virtual reality environment.
  • Third place winner: Classlife, headquartered in Spain, is an all-in-one school management platform that simplifies complex workflows and tracks student development. Classlife allows users to manage and control everyday school tasks, optimizing school resources across sales, campus communications, finance, learning management, and registration.

    For a full list of AWS EdStart Members, please visit the Meet our Members webpage.


ROYBI Acquires KidSense.AI


AWS EdStart Member, ROYBI, acquires KidSense.AI, the leading speech recognition artificial intelligence (AI) platform. “The addition of KidSense.AI into our brand portfolio allows us to accelerate the development of additional languages while maintaining privacy as well as accuracy for children around the globe,” said Elnaz Sarraf, founder and CEO, of ROYBI. “Together, ROYBI and KidSense.AI will shape the future of personalized learning and make Roybi Robot even more accessible to more children.”

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Bark Technologies Acquires Router Limits


AWS EdStart Member, Bark Technologies, announced its acquisition of Router Limits, a router-based online parental controls and internet management company. Bark is the creator of the award-winning monitoring service, leveraging the AWS platform, to help keep children safe online and in real life. The partnership will enable both companies to use each other's strengths to create the first comprehensive online safety solution for families. In the coming months, Bark will debut screen time management and filtering to complement its existing artificial intelligence powered monitoring technology.

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ROYBI Robot, the world's first smart toy to teach languages and STEM skills, earned a spot on the 2019 list of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2019 in the education category. ROYBI Robot was chosen based on a series of criteria, including creativity, ambition, and effectiveness. Learn more on the ROYBI website about how this robot helps provide personalized education to early learners.

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Improving School Safety in K12 with Kokomo 24/7®


Administrator concerns in the wake of school violence have made school safety a top priority in K12. Kokomo 24/7® teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide tools for school administrators and safety resource officers to create safer K12 learning environments. Read more about how the cloud is helping K12 students in the wake of violent incidents in schools on the blog.

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Hot AWS EdStart Startups – Robotics Edition


Robots can now perform a range of tasks that require higher compute capabilities as well as artificial intelligence (AI), image recognition, sensing, machine learning (ML), and reinforcement learning. Because many careers now include robotics, it’s important for schools to incorporate robotics and related education into their curriculums. Read on to learn about three AWS EdStart startups that are using the AWS Cloud to teach robotics and supporting technologies in the classroom.

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Back to School 2019: Hot AWS EdStart Startups – School Administration Technology Edition


AWS EdStart members are pushing the limits in education by creating products and solutions to improve school administration. In honor of back to school season, we are featuring companies that use the AWS Cloud to build solutions that help educational institutions improve operations.

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Bark Leverages AWS to Help Keep Schools Safe


With the increased focus on school safety, now more than ever schools are using information technology solutions to address concerns about the digital and physical security of students and teachers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps enable innovative EdTechs to create revolutionary solutions to keep students safe from harm. Bark, an AWS EdStart Member, is an online student safety platform, with the mission to help keep every child safe online.

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Innovators Tier Launched


Recently, AWS launched the AWS EdStart Innovators Tier, a new feature of AWS EdStart designed to support the earliest stage EdTech startups. AWS EdStart Innovators Tier provides startups with resources and exposure to a large community of EdTech builders, leaders, and fellow entrepreneurs. EdTech startups who participate in the program will be granted AWS Promotional Credits that allow them to explore AWS technology and build the foundation for their solution.  

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AWS EdStart Now Available to Customers in Brazil


AWS is announcing the immediate availability of AWS EdStart, the AWS educational technology (EdTech) startup accelerator designed to help startup educational technology (EdTech) companies build teaching and learning solutions on the AWS Cloud, to customers in Brazil. Brazil joins the United States as the second country for availability in the Western Hemisphere, and the 34th country globally. AWS EdStart provides eligible EdTech startups AWS Promotional Credits and access to the same scalable technology used by established companies.

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GlyphEd Named Enrollment Management Solution of the Year


Congratulations GlyphEd™, an AWS EdStart member and a leading provider of interactive data visualization and discovery technology for colleges and universities, who was selected as Enrollment Management Solution of the Year for the 2019 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. This newly developed award recognizes the creativity and success of companies and their products in the field of educational technology and looks to provide them with a platform for recognition in the education industry.

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LoopLearn Wins EduGrowth Innovation Pitch Competition


Congratulations to AWS EdStart Member LoopLearn, who recently won the EduGrowth Innovation Pitch Competition in the main expo hall stage at EduTech in Sydney, Australia. LoopLearn automates the roll marking process in schools using computer vision technology.

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Congratulations to the AWS EdStart Pitch Day Winners in Beijing and California


The AWS EdStart team hosted Pitch Days in Palo Alto, California and Beijing, China. During the events, members from across the world pitched to audiences of over 100 EdTech investors, customers, and media. Congratulations to the first, second, and third place winners in Palo Alto: UnibuiInc, PopfizzCS; and the first place and runner-up winners in Bejing: ZJ Data JoinKnack, SuperFish, Shu Wen AI, Singsound, Square Panda, and 17JingSai.

For a full list of AWS EdStart members, please visit our Meet our members Page »

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Spring 2019 Hot AWS EdStart Startups – Machine Learning and Analytics Edition


AWS EdStart members are creating products and solutions to improve teaching and learning with machine learning and analytics, globally. Octopus BI, HelioCampus, Singsound, and Bibliotech use AWS to revolutionize education analytics, language learning, and eBook distribution.

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eLumi Re-Imagines Accessibility to Learning


AWS EdStart member, eLumin, set out to redefine the way students access computing resources on a college campus by making resources available to students anywhere they are, on virtually any device. Recently, they announced Sandbox Builder and Sandbox 2.0. Sandbox Builder allows professors, teaching assistants, and technical staff to build secure, dynamic, and hands-on learning environments that span operating systems and system configurations with a few clicks. Read more. Similarly, with a new, student friendly user experience, Sandbox 2.0 is designed to deliver an on-demand and secure network of machines to support hands-on student learning. Read more.

* Both Sandbox Builder and Sandbox Builder 2.0 are powered by AWS.


Instructure Announces Acquisition of Student Success network, Portfolium


Instructure, Inc., the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company that helps users learn and develop from their first day of school to their last day of work, recently announced it has acquired AWS EdStart member, Portfolium. Portfolium is a student success network built to showcase the achievements, projects, and competencies of dedicated students to potential employers.

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AWS Hot Startups – Winter 2018/2019 Update


AWS EdStart members are transforming education in every corner of the globe. Read about the new AWS EdStart Hot Startups, featuring three of our members –ArcLab, Lightbulb Education, and Yellowdig. Each of these EdTechs relies on AWS to create a more student-centric learning experience.

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London Pitch Day Winners Awarded


Recently, the AWS EdStart team hosted their first international Pitch Day in London, England. During the event, members from across Europe pitched to an audience of over 100 EdTech enthusiasts. Congratulations to the London Pitch Day winners: Firefly Learning (first place), Smile and Learn (second place), and Aula Education (third place). In addition to the spectacular pitches, it was announced that AWS EdStart is now available to customers in Denmark, Luxemburg, and Portugal.

For a full list of country availability, visit the AWS EdStart Members Tier page

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AWS Hot Startups – Fall 2018 Update


Behind every EdTech is the technology that powers the next generation of learning. Discover the unique missions of Masters Avenue, Saasyan SaltyCloud, and SmartGames, and how they build solutions that are secure, smart, scalable, and cost-effective.

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New York and Boston Pitch Day Winners Awarded


AWS EdStart recently held two pitch days, one in New York City and one in Boston. These events showcased 15 up and coming EdTech startups from AWS EdStart. Congratulations to the New York winners, Paperpile, Yellowdig, and CodeHS, and congratulations to the Boston winners: College Consortium, Hive Digital Minds, and Exploros, inc.

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AWS Hot Startups – Summer 2018 Update


AWS EdStart members are pushing the limits in education. Learn how FilterEd, Kornukopia, and SchooLinks are creating products and solutions to improve teaching and learning.

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AWS EdStart Launches in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan


During his keynote at the AWS Shanghai Summit, Alex Yung, Managing Director and Vice President for AWS Greater China, launched AWS EdStart in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. "We are excited to see the launch of AWS EdStart in China as a program that empowers entrepreneurs in science education. We look forward to working with AWS EdStart to advance the education industry and create a better future," According to Pei Yu, organizer of the EdStar program at Tomorrow Advancing Life, a leading education and technology enterprise in China.


San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Pitch Day Winners Awarded


AWS EdStart recently held two pitch days, one in San Francisco and one in conjunction with the WWPS Summit in Washington, D.C. These events showcased 18 up and coming EdTech startups, all members of AWS EdStart.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Pitch Day winners: EdPuzzle, Accredible, CodeHS, and congratulations to the Washington, D.C. Summit winners: Immersed Games, Legends of Learning, and GlyphED.


AWS EdStart Member Flipgrid Acquired


AWS EdStart Member Flipgrid, a social education app that utilizes short video clips to create collaborative lesson plans, has recently been acquired by Microsoft. The Minneapolis-based startup, which began life as Vidku, has been described as Instagram and Snapchat for the classroom. Early last year, it reported 800 percent year-over-year growth in teacher accounts. To learn more, check out this article from TechCrunch.


AWS EdStart on Full Display at EDUTech Week in Australia


EDUTech, Australia’s largest EdTech event, recently took place in Sydney, New South Wales. This event provided training, demonstrations, networking, and exhibits for over 15,000 attendees. AWS EdStart was on full display throughout the EdTech Startup Pavilion. Positioned as the AWS EdStart launch pad in Australia, this event provided the perfect platform for deeper engagement with startups who are transforming the way teachers and students interact, and institutions deliver bleeding-edge education.


AWS EdStart Launches in Asia


On May 30th AWS EdStart launched in Asia at the AWS Tokyo Summit. AWS EdStart is now available to EdTech startups in Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea. Benesse i-Career, which started the student career support service DODA Campus last year, recently went on record stating their excited for the launch of AWS EdStart launch in Japan and Asia. “We expect that benefits of AWS EdStart and global membership community will accelerate our business expansion and growth.”

- Takafumi Sakurai, Division Manager, Marketing Department, Benesse i-Carrer Co., Ltd.


AWS EdStart Member MissionU Acquired


On May 16, 2018, MissionU, an AWS EdStart founding member, was acquired by WeWork. Adam Braun, founder and CEO of MissionU, will join WeWork as the Chief Operating Officer of the new education arm, WeGrow. After spending some time with WeWork leadership, it became clear to Braun that MissionU’s vision of helping every person reach their full potential was aligned with WeWork and could be supported by joining their team. To learn more about the acquisition, check out this article from Fast Company.

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