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AWS GovTechStart provides GovTech startups with resources to quickly get started on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS GovTechStart is a national community of like-minded people and companies that are solving complex challenges for government customers.

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AWS GovTechStart Members Tier application criteria

Applicant organization must:

  • Have been founded within the past five years
  • Have annual revenues that do not exceed $10M USD
  • Demonstrate an innovative solution for government agencies that addresses a current or future challenge
  • Be a commercial business with a mission to solve problems for its government customers
  • Currently work with government stakeholders
  • Be located in the United States
If approved, applicant organization may be required to execute an Amazon Marketing Authorization and Release form and have the ability to disseminate references for their work publicly via papers, events, or other public relations activities; requirements are based on regional restrictions.

Application process

Please complete the AWS GovTechStart Application Interest Form and submit your application to be considered for participation in the AWS GovTechStart program. Once complete, email your application to the AWS GovTechStart email address listed at the top of the application. Award criteria include but are not limited to: the impact of the project; use of AWS services; and the ability to reference the work publicly via papers, events, or public relations activities. AWS Promotional Credit*, if awarded, will vary and depend on the content provided in the proposal, eligibility, and if AWS Promotional Credit has been issued previously to your organization.

We will notify approved applicants by email, usually within ten business days. Once approved you will be asked to review and agree to the terms of the AWS GovTech Start program in order to participate and move forward with your membership. The information you provide in this application is subject to the AWS Privacy Notice. Your use of AWS services in connection with your participation in the AWS GovTechStart program is subject to the AWS Customer Agreement (or other agreements governing your use of AWS services).

Any use of AWS Promotional Credit in connection with your participation in the AWS  GovTechStart program is subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions. AWS GovTechStart Member’s use of AWS Promotional Credit is restricted to its overall business development and internal needs. You are prohibited from using any AWS Promotional Credit under the AWS GovTechStart program in support of a particular customer or opportunity or to provide a discount to any customer. If your application is approved, the issued AWS Promotional Credit will be valid until the expiration date or when the AWS Promotional Credit has been fully utilized, whichever date is earlier. Organizations that receive AWS Promotional Credit through AWS GovTechStart may apply for future AWS Promotional Credit. AWS GovTechStart participants may be eligible for a maximum of two awards in one calendar year (up to the AWS Promotional Credit maximum threshold).

Eligible countries

AWS GovTechStart is currently available in the following countries/regions:
North America
United States

*Startups previously issued AWS Promotional Credit may not be eligible to receive additional credit through AWS GovTechStart. Exact credit amount varies by the organization through which you apply. Please contact us for more information.

Meet our Founders

AWS GovTechStart is designed to help eligible U.S. startup companies build the next generation of technology solutions for state and local government agencies using the AWS Cloud. Meet some of our Founders paving the way.

Modernizing government agencies


Helping secure email transmissions and data


Helping make traffic lights smart


Helping governments operate more efficient


Creating connected worker safety


Making voting accessible to communities


Integrating and enhancing public safety

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