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Startups are revolutionizing operations across healthcare, space, defense, sustainability and more by bringing efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation to the way these organizations work. Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilitates the public sector’s adoption of these technologies by helping startups navigate industries and overcome barriers like contracting and compliance. Whether you are a startup looking to do business in the public sector, or an organization looking for mission-oriented cloud-based technologies, we are here to help.
AWS Startups

How to get started

AWS Defense Accelerator

The AWS Defense Accelerator cultivates and promotes innovative startup solutions to help enhance the effectiveness of defense missions and accelerate customers' digital transformation. The first ever defense accelerator is open to startups based in EMEA or already working in the region. Applications are open now - July 1st.

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AWS Space Accelerator

The AWS Space Accelerator helps startups build and scale innovative solutions for the space industry. The program is open to space startups around the world with innovative ideas for leveraging the cloud to reimagine solutions for both government and commercial space missions. The cohort of 2022 was just selected, learn about the companies below.

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AWS Healthcare Accelerator

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a program designed to help healthcare startups scale innovative solutions. This second cohort is focused on health equity initiatives and is open to startups that are developing solutions to increase access to health services, reduce disparities by addressing social determinants of health, or leverage data to promote equitable and inclusive systems of care. Applications are open now - July 1st.

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AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator

The AWS Sustainable Cities Accelerator catalyzes startups to accelerate their growth through advanced cloud-based technologies. The program is open to startups that are dedicated to sustainable infrastructure and the fight against climate change. The cohort of 2022 was just selected, learn about the companies below.

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"The AWS Space Accelerator provided us at Lunar Outpost the technical and business tool kit to prepare us for the rapid growth we are currently undergoing. Additionally, the Accelerator provided a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with the best in class in the space industry. Opportunities such as the AWS Space Accelerator are a must for any space company looking to leverage the cloud to reach the stars."

- Justin Cyrus, CEO | Lunar Outpost

AWS Startups


Expert insight

Get support navigating the public sector landscape. Connect with AWS experts who engage directly with the public sector customers to understand the needs of a specific industry.

Identify opportunities

Receive help identifying the customers and partners that are the best fit for your startup.

Technical engagement

Receive technical assistance from AWS experts, including architectural guidance and best practices to make sure your solution is secure, compliant, and reliable.

Networking and mentorship

Connect with other teams including the Amazon Partner Network (APN), AWS GovCloud (US), and AWS Marketplace to leverage opportunities within AWS.

Case studies

See how AWS is empowering startups that build for the public sector around the world.

Public sector organizations

Are you a public sector organization looking to work with cutting edge startups? Contact the venture capital and startups team.

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