I need an AWS access key to allow a program, script, or developer to have full programmatic access to the resources on my account. How do I create a new access key?

You can create a new AWS access key for the root account user or IAM users under your account.

To create an access key for the root user on your account, see Managing Access Keys for your AWS Account.

To create an access key for an IAM user on your account, see Creating, Modifying, and Viewing Access Keys (AWS Management Console).

Note: A root access key grants full programmatic access to your resources, meaning that it should be guarded as carefully as the root sign-in credentials for your account. Unless absolutely necessary, it's best to use an access key assigned to an IAM user whose permissions are defined as narrowly as possible. For tips on keeping your access keys (and your account) secure, see Best Practices for Managing AWS Access Keys.

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Published: 2016-01-28