I’m ready to sign up for a paid AWS Support plan, but I want to know how I will be charged for it.

When you sign up for an AWS Support plan:

  • Your payment method is charged for the remainder of the current month. When the prorated charge is successfully billed to your payment method, your support plan is activated.
  • A charge is added to your bill to cover the following month’s support cost. The prorated amount for this month is immediately billed to your default payment method, and the following month’s support subscription is charged at the beginning of the following month with the rest of your bill. AWS Support plans are then billed each month for the following months.

For example, if you sign up for the Business Support plan ($100 a month minimum) in the exact middle of October, a $50 charge is billed to your payment method. This charge appears in the Billing and Management console for the month of October.

You'll also see a $100 charge added to your October bill for your November Business plan minimum, which will be charged along with your October usage-based fees at the beginning of November. On the 1st of November, your October support bill will temporarily appear on both your October and November bills. Your November bill will also include a $100 charge for December’s minimum.

After your bill is finalized between the 3rd and the 5th, the October charges will disappear from your November bill.

You can identify which month the charges are for by expanding the Support section of your Bills page.

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Published: 2016-07-26

Updated: 2017-10-26