I want to set up my on-premises multifunction device to send email messages through Amazon WorkMail. How can I do that?

Amazon WorkMail is backed by Amazon SES to send all outgoing email. WorkMail domains are available for management in the SES console. You can use the Amazon SES Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface to send email from your on-premises multifunction devices.


  • The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the SES SMTP endpoint.
  • Encryption: The Amazon SES SMTP endpoint requires that all connections be encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • Sending Limits: Limits in Amazon SES
  • Attachments: List of Unsupported Attachment Types
  • Pricing: Email messages sent through Amazon SES are charged separately. For more information, see Amazon SES Pricing.

Create your SMTP credentials with Amazon SES

You need an Amazon SES SMTP user name and password to access the Amazon SES SMTP interface. You can use the same set of SMTP credentials in all AWS regions.

  1. Open the SES console. In the navigation pane, choose SMTP Settings.
  2. Choose Create My SMTP Credentials.
  3. In the IAM User Name: field, choose a name that is meaningful to you or accept the default and choose Create.
  4. Choose Show User SMTP Security Credentials, copy the credentials or choose Download Credentials, and then Close. For more information, see Obtaining Your Amazon SES SMTP Credentials.

Get the SMTP endpoint

From Connecting to the Amazon SES SMTP Endpoint, choose the region where you have Amazon WorkMail.

Configure your multifunction device to connect to the Amazon SES SMTP endpoint

Device configuration varies across different manufacturers and models, so check your vendor documentation for instructions.

The Amazon SES SMTP endpoint requires that all connections be encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Note: TLS is often referred to by the name of its predecessor protocol, SSL. Amazon SES supports two mechanisms for establishing a TLS-encrypted connection: STARTTLS and TLS Wrapper. Check the documentation for your device to determine whether it supports STARTTLS, TLS Wrapper, or both.

Note: By default, new users are initially placed in the Amazon SES sandbox. In the sandbox mode, you can only send mail to and from verified email addresses and domains, and you can send a maximum of 200 messages per 24-hour period. For more information, see Moving Out of the Amazon SES Sandbox.

For information about how to verify a domain or email address, see Verifying Email Addresses and Domains in Amazon SES.


If you are having problems sending email through the Amazon SES Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface, review the possible causes and solutions at Amazon SES SMTP Issues.

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Published: 2016-11-21