Aman helps you modify
the volume size or
compute type of a WorkSpace


I want to change my Amazon WorkSpaces WorkSpace volume size or compute type. How can I do this?

You can change the size of the root and user volumes for a WorkSpace, and increase its size up to 1000 GB per volume. You can change the hardware Amazon WorkSpace Bundle compute type to Value, Standard, Performance, or Power.

Note: You can't change the Graphics bundle type.

WorkSpace root and user volumes come in set groups that can't be changed. The available groups are [Root(GB), User(GB)]: [80, 10], [80, 50], [80, 100], [175 to 1000, 100 to 1000].

To change the WorkSpace volume size or compute type, follow these instructions to Modify a WorkSpace. The WorkSpace reboots after you request the change.

Note: You can request a WorkSpace bundle compute type increase once every 24 hours, or decrease once every 30 days. You can request root and user volume increases once every 24 hours, but you can't decrease the size of the volumes after the WorkSpace is launched.

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Published: 2018-09-26