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Changing the Way Developers Manipulate Media with Cloudinary

April 14, 2017

Founded in 2011 in Israel, Cloudinary is a boot-strapping success story, growing organically without venture capital funding. In 2015, the company expanded internationally, opening its U.S. headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

The key to Cloudinary’s success is its ability to solve a very real problem for today’s developers: how to deal with the challenges resulting from the use of images and videos in modern websites and apps

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Cybersecurity and Amazon Redshift with Namogoo Security

April 10, 2017

Namogoo Security provides a session firewall technology that protects consumer-facing applications and websites against client-side threats that operate on the application layer. These client-side threats include: digital malware, code injection, and bots. 

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Talking with Parsec, a Game-Changer of Gaming

April 7 2017

Cloud-gaming company Parsec, believes that we’re entering a new phase of computing where all of our software and processing are delivered via shared resources in the cloud. They want to eliminate personal hardware and free everyone from the constant upgrade cycles required to keep up with the latest software.

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The AWS Lofts are spaces where developers, engineers, founders, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts can grab a coffee and build their startup in between educational sessions, and getting in-person answers to their AWS technical questions - at no cost. You can learn, share, Ask an Architect, attend a technical session, take in a business course, and try a bootcamp or self-paced labs.

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Mackenzie Kosut is the Principal Startup Evangelist at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Prior to AWS, he worked at Betterment, Oscar, Tumblr, and more. Mackenzie travels the globe seeking out groundbreaking startups on AWS, sharing the cool things they're doing through blog, live video, and social media. He's also a regular AWS keynote speaker for startups at global events.

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