Posted On: Sep 2, 2010

We’re pleased to release today a Preview Beta of a new AWS feature: AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM enables you to create multiple Users and manage the permissions for each of these Users within your AWS Account. A User is an identity (within your AWS Account) with unique security credentials that can be used to access AWS Services. IAM eliminates the need to share passwords or access keys, and makes it easy to enable or disable a User’s access as appropriate. IAM offers you greater flexibility, control and security when using AWS.

We are excited to offer you early access to this new functionality. As part of this Preview Beta, we are enabling you to programmatically add Users to your AWS Account, set groups and permissions for these Users, and enable your Users to call AWS Service APIs.

In the near future, we plan on adding support for your Users to login to the AWS Management Console. We also plan to extend the AWS Management Console to support IAM, providing a web-based interface to manage your Users, groups, and permissions.

Learn more about AWS Identity and Access Management Preview Beta at: