Posted On: Jun 7, 2012

We are excited to announce that you can now use Amazon EC2 Spot Instances with Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation, making it even easier to use Spot Instances to provide significant savings on your batch computing workloads. We are also releasing a new code tutorial that showcases how you can use Amazon SNS notifications to alert on key changes in Spot pricing. These features make it even easier to use Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.

Auto Scaling
You can now use Spot Instances With Auto Scaling, enabling you to scale the number of Spot Instances you run automatically based on your demand or a schedule you define. For example, you can now easily launch additional Spot Instances as your queue depth increases.

AWS CloudFormation
You can easily provision Spot Instances using AWS CloudFormation templates. To get you started, we are providing three new CloudFormation templates that are optimized to save you money and manage interruption. These new templates include: a template that manages asynchronous processing using Amazon SQS and Auto Scaling, a web site load testing template using Bees with Machine Guns and Auto Scaling, and a grid-computing template using StarCluster.

We are releasing a new code tutorial that enables you to generate and manage Amazon SNS notifications when there are changes in the state of your Amazon EC2 Instances, current Spot Instance Requests, and Spot Prices within a particular region. By leveraging this new code sample, you can now setup your applications running on Spot Instances to more easily manage potential interruptions.

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