Posted On: May 23, 2013

We are pleased to announce an easier way to monitor the replication status of your Amazon RDS for MySQL Read Replicas. In addition to the option to connect to your Read Replica and run the Show Slave Status command to review the replication status, you can now view the replication status of your Read Replicas by simply looking at the “Replication State” field on the DB Instances page of the AWS Management Console.

Amazon RDS monitors the replication status of your Read Replicas and updates the Replication State field to Error if replication stops for any reason (e.g., running DML queries on your replica that conflict with the updates made on the master database instance could result in a replication error). You can review the details of the associated error thrown by the MySQL engine by viewing the Replication Error field and take an appropriate action to recover from it. You can learn more about troubleshooting replication issues in the Troubleshooting a Read Replica problem section of the Amazon RDS User Guide. If a replication error is fixed, the Replication State changes to Replicating.

We encourage you to use Amazon RDS Event Notifications to automatically get notified when you encounter a replication error. Separately, you can also monitor the Replication Lag metric and set up a CloudWatch alarm to receive a notification when the lag crosses a particular threshold tolerable by your application. Learn more about monitoring Read Replicas by visiting the Working with Read Replicas section of the Amazon RDS User Guide.