Posted On: Aug 28, 2013

New Read Replica capabilities for Amazon RDS for MySQL

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of three new capabilities for Amazon RDS for MySQL. These capabilities enhance the manageability experience of your Read Replicas and will offer performance benefits for some of your use cases. Following are more details:

Create multiple Read Replicas in quick succession - You can now create multiple Read Replicas (limited to five per master) of the master database instance in quick succession without having to wait for the first or any subsequent create Read Replica operations to complete. This capability helps you save time and reduce the administrative burden when creating and or maintaining multiple Read Replicas.

Take database snapshot and perform Point in Time Recovery operation of a Read Replica (supported for MySQL 5.6) You can now take database snapshots and perform Point in Time Recovery operations of a Read Replica in addition to performing these operations on a master database instance. When taking a database snapshot of a Single-AZ master instance, you may experience a brief I/O suspension. Taking a database snapshot from a Read Replica instead, can help you mitigate this brief performance impact. However, please note that the database snapshots taken from a Read Replica at a given time may not include all the transactions present on the master at that time because of possible replica lag.

Create a replica from an existing Read Replica (supported for MySQL 5.6) - You can now create a second-tier Read Replica from an existing first-tier Read Replica. By creating a second-tier Read Replica, you may be able to move some of the replication load from the master database instance to a first-tier Read Replica. Please note that a second-tier Read Replica may lag further behind the master because of additional replication latency introduced as transactions are replicated from the master to the first tier replica and then to the second-tier replica.

Refer to the Working with Read Replicas section of the Amazon RDS User Guide to learn more.