Posted On: Sep 12, 2013

We are excited to announce the availability of “DynamoDB Cross-Region Copy” feature in AWS Data Pipeline service. DynamoDB Cross-Region Copy enables you to configure periodic copy of DynamoDB table data from one AWS region to a DynamoDB table in another region (or to a different table in the same region). Using this feature can enable you to deliver applications from other AWS regions using the same data, as well as enabling you to create a copy of your data in another region for disaster recovery purposes.

To get started with this feature, from the AWS Data Pipeline console choose the “Cross Region DynamoDB Copy” Data Pipeline template and select the source and destination DynamoDB tables you want to copy from and to. You can also choose whether you want to perform an incremental or full copy of a table. Specify the time you want the first copy to start and the frequency of the copy, and your scheduled copy will be ready to go.

To learn more, view the DynamoDB Cross-Region Copy section of the AWS Data Pipeline documentation.