Posted On: May 1, 2014

We are pleased to announce you can now create, view, and edit tags for your Auto Scaling groups in the AWS Management Console. To get started, log in to Amazon EC2 in the AWS Management Console and select an Auto Scaling group. Then, choose the Tags tab in the lower panel to view, edit, and create tags. You can also add tags when you first create a group, and optionally configure a group to tag each instance it launches.

Tagging Auto Scaling groups can help you identify their purpose or status, for example by using tags such as App = web server, Role = back end, Stage = production, or Version = 2014.05.01. You can also use tags to make it easier to allocate costs and optimize spending, for example by tagging your groups with details such as cost center, administrator, or project. Learn more about tagging your Auto Scaling groups and Amazon EC2 resources.