Posted On: May 13, 2014

We are pleased to let you know about two new features that we have added to Amazon AppStream:

Log Collection for your streaming application. Amazon AppStream now enables you to collect application logs, standard streams (stdin, stdout), Windows mini dumps, and host utilization logs to quickly debug issues and iterate on your streaming application development. Learn more about setting up log collection for your application here.

YUV444 Support. You now have the option to encode and stream your applications with YUV444 color. YUV444 encoding will result in higher fidelity images for applications with wireframes and drawings, commonly used in CAD applications. For streaming applications with continuous colors such as landscapes, you can continue to use the default color space of YUV420. Learn more about configuring YUV444 here under “Choose a Color Subsampling Rate.”

Visit the AppStream Product Updates page to see all AppStream enhancements since our launch in March.