Posted On: Jan 5, 2015

You can now receive two-minute warnings before your Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are due to be terminated. Spot Instance termination notices are a new feature that can help you manage Spot interruptions by giving your applications time to prepare for a graceful shut down (e.g., by checkpointing important data to persistent storage).

A termination notice is created the moment your Spot Instance has been marked for termination and indicates the time when Amazon EC2 will shut down your instance. Termination notices are made available via the Instance Metadata Service to your Spot Instance so that any application on your instance can easily access them programmatically. Termination notices are provided on a best efforts basis; in rare cases, Spot Instances might be terminated without a two-minute termination notice.

To learn more about Spot Instance termination notices, please visit the "Spot Instance Interruptions" and "Instance Metadata and User Data" documentation pages.