Posted On: Sep 9, 2016

You can now monitor and automatically react to changes in your AWS CodeDeploy deployments using Amazon CloudWatch Events. This lets you detect changes in the state of an Amazon EC2 instance or deployment managed by CodeDeploy, and then invoke an action based on rules that you set. This is useful for building workflows and processes that are triggered by changes in your deployments. 

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. CloudWatch Events provides a stream of events describing changes to your AWS resources. You can easily build workflows that automatically take actions you define, such as invoking an AWS Lambda function, when an event of interest occurs. 

You can configure CloudWatch Events to stream changes in the state of your instances or deployments to various targets depending on rules you create. These targets include AWS Lambda functions, Amazon Kinesis streams, Amazon SQS queues, CloudWatch built-in targets, and Amazon SNS topics. This feature enables a variety of scenarios, such as automatically terminating EC2 instances when a deployment fails or triggering a Lambda function to post a message to Slack.  

You must set up Amazon CloudWatch Events first to get started. Visit the documentation to learn more.

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